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Red sky original painting

Red sky original painting

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Oil painting on linnen canvas 

70 x 100 cm 

This is an unique work painted and signed by Fredrik Larsson. A certificate will come with. 

Delivery is up to 6 weeks. 

A oak frame made by the artist is included in the price. We offer worldwide shipping. 

Step into a world where the vibrant energy of cities and the serene beauty of landscapes collide on canvas. Each brushstroke is a journey, each color a melody, weaving together to form captivating abstract interpretations of our world.

With every painting, I pour my heart and soul into capturing the essence of these landscapes and cityscapes, infusing them with emotion and energy. Each piece is a reflection of my passion for exploring the dynamic interplay between urban hustle and natural tranquility.

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the city streets or find solace in the vastness of nature with my abstract artworks. Whether you seek a bold statement piece for your living room or a serene escape for your workspace, these paintings offer a gateway to a world of imagination and inspiration.

Let my art spark conversations, evoke emotions, and transform your space into a sanctuary of creativity and wonder. Browse my gallery now and bring a piece of my artistic vision into your life. Act fast, and make one of these unique creations yours today

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